Why do you need a detox?

Why do you need a detox? You don’t. Or I should say you shouldn’t.  I talk to many people who are overweight yet say, “Andrea I believe I can lose weight just by eating better”.   The problem with this approach is nothing. Can a person simply eat “better” and lose weight? Absolutely, hands down, yes!

Then what is the problem? Why do you need a detox and what is the problem? There is none, if that is your journey and you want to take that journey at a pace that is your own.

As I look back on my own fitness and weight journey I did not take “stuff” to help me lose weight…oh wait, I take that back, I did take an “all natural” supplement!  This supplement was filled with something natural that began with an “M”.  I went from a size 12 (ish) to a size 2 ( can you say WHOA SALLY?).  When I decided to go off of it and eat again, well you can imagine what happened.  I gained it all back.

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How many of us have yo-yo dieted? Most of us have. Did you know that when we “diet” we statistically gain more weight back than even when we started? No diets work, only life-style changes. But since that really is not sexy, and most of us what a quick fix, it does not sell.

So fast-forward a few years, a break up later and a complete paradigm shift of my life I actually took responsibility for my life, my weight and everything in between. I began living my life for me. I was empowered. With that empowerment I chose to not care if I was fat, or overweight. I chose to love myself for who I was, even if it wasn’t “socially acceptable”.  I didn’t care.  Have you ever felt like that?

I know many of my clients feel this way.  You may understand now why it is my calling to help others with health and wellness. It is simply because I understand.

As soon as I accepted who I was and not care so much about food, I began to lose weight. Really, it is true and at that time I met the love of my life.  He loved me no matter what; I believe that is something really cool that many of us don’t fully understand, it is called unconditional love. It means that I love you no matter what, no matter how skinny or fat you are or how much you mess up, it does not change my love for you.  Do you love that like? Do I love like that? Can we accept love like that?

By the time I got married, I looked pretty good! And that was even drinking a Coke for Breakfast! #woops

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1 child, plus twins, a mortgage professional turned fitness expert later and here I am with a massive desire to do one thing. Give others my unconditional love; give others the answers I wish I knew when I went through those frustrating, lonely times of struggling with my weight.


Below the excess rolls I honestly believe there is so much going on.  Whether we are emotional eaters or just lack the know how to get fit we all have a reason. We all have something we think we need to “fix” in order to DO IT! We get so down on ourselves and that does nothing but keep us in that circle of misery.


So who am I and why should you trust what I am about to tell you?

Do you know I actually do not like giving my credentials?  People who give you a list of credential to me feels cheap. I am of the abundance mentality, if you do not like what I have to offer, PLEASE, find another coach or mentor that you “gel” with and run off into the sunset together! I believe everyone can and will have success in their weight loss journey, no matter if you choose my online transformation program or another avenue.

I am not doing this because I have to, I am doing this because I want to, it fulfills me to help others, that is it.  My goal is not to make a quick buck on you. My goal is to add value to your life, to help you gain the tools YOU need to live your life at 110%. And last but not least, to work myself out of a job by creating leaders who want to join forces with us and spread the love to the millions that need us.

For what it’s worth however, I know most of you do not know me from Adam so let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a wife and a mother. My husband is my #1 supporter and my children are my #1 inspiration. I adore my family and I love being with them.  I also love to learn and grow.  Once the market crashed my 6 figure mortgage loan officer income stopped overnight I decided, since I loved fitness, to get licensed as a Zumba Fitness Instructor, without ever taking 1 class! I loved it, and began teaching within 3 weeks. Within the next 6 months my family would move back to St. George UT and open The Warehouse, a club-type atmosphere fitness facility that would build to over 100 people on a nightly basis coming to my classes. 2 amazing years later we sold it.  My clients gave me wings to fly.  My husband, Charles is a hacker for a living, not to mention a skydiver.  Yes, I am for real. He is the coolest person I know.  Charles got a job with TD Bank in SC and we moved. At that time I had become ACE and AFAA group fitness certified, Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, and a Kettlebell instructor.  I was contracted with Zumba Fitness as a choreography specialist, Zumba Jammer. After 9 months in the South we moved to Washington DC for 1 year, where Charles was contracted with the government (DOD). I continued my learning by adding Yoga (something I have always done and love) to my teaching experience, TRX and more.  I became a Vitamix rep for 6 months and at that time resigned as a ZJ with Zumba to create my own program, now called Metabod.


Charles got a remote job and now manages a team of 18 while working right next to me in St. George UT.  I became a Personal Trainer (NASM) and upon arrival back “home” we did some community service ( I guess that is what you call it) and took a beat up Trampoline Business, revamped it gave it a good start and sold it.  Immediately after that we opened a new fitness facility, which we ironically we closed 8 months later.  It was an expensive lesson, and the lesson was to not go into something that you really, in your heart, do not want to do.

I have learned anything that pulls me away from my family creates mad’s amounts of friction.  How much better is life when we follow our heart, rather than our head? A million.  And yet, we are human and this life is for joy and experiences.  This was a very important one for me.  As it was a true test of my faith in one very important person, myself.

6 months later here we are happier than ever and finally finding a sense of peace that I have not allowed myself before.

What has been my journey to get to this point?  Many things, too many to write, here are a few:

  1. Practicing more yoga ( a past and present fav of mine)
  2. Getting in touch with myself
  3. Through massive amounts of reading
  4. Learning and being open
  5. Becoming a learner of Energy Work
  6. Enjoying my kids more, loving more


Life is amazing.

This is a strange title for this article I know, and yet, it is not.

Why did Charles and I choose to have a product such as a detox for Metabod when I genuinely believe that most of us can achieve weight loss simply with food?  Why do you need a detox?

Because most of us are not Indians, most of us are not pioneers, and most of us are not as “healthy” as we think, most of us live in a toxic environment (something we can not help) and because most of us need a kick start.  The MetaReset is just that. It is a total body, major organ gentle cleanse. It is 2 pills a day, morning and night. It is not filled with fillers, it is Grade A supplement. Do you know how many supplements are C grade or lower? I guarantee ALL the ones (if you take them) are.  I would actually bet you the cost of my 30 day program with coaching which is $147 (supplement included) that I am right.  I know this because we are in the industry, I know this because we have an inside peek into what most companies cover up with beautiful marketing, I know this because Charles has worked with experts in this industry and has become one himself.  See the P.S. below for Free Cheat Codes.


Are most supplements and over the counter vitamins crap? Absolutely! Why then should you trust that this one is not?  You should not.  What you should do is do Metabod for 30 days; you get 90 days of access to our online back office which includes our training system and see why you need a detox?  We have written an e-book. This e-book is broken down in our online training program. This is so important! I cannot tell you everything you need to do in 1 paragraph to get fit because I believe it takes more than fitness, nutrition and supplementation to get what you are REALLY after.  What are most of us after?

A beautiful life. A life filled with love, passion, adventure, fun, joy, fulfilling, authenticity and the ability to give of our truest self, thereby lifting and elevating those we love and those all around us.

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If you think you know about food and what it does to your body then I say GO FOR IT! But if you are still reading this then maybe, just maybe there is something that you align with, something I know that you do not, some secrets that the food industry likes to cover up with low- fat and all natural.  So, for what it’s worth, I would love for you to get to know me. Get to know my husband and get to know who we are and what we stand for. After all we are not in the business of selling products, we are really in the business of letting people into our lives and partake of the truths and knowledge that have helped us transform our lives into exactly what we choose and desire, so you can do exactly the same with your own.

It is my firm belief that when we feel amazing, inside and out (our bodies specifically) that the rest of our life cannot help but transform as well.

No matter what path you are on, no matter if you choose to work with us or not, I genuinely send you forth with the love and peace in your heart to be and do all that you are meant to do and become!

Enjoy the journey, each and every step.


P.s. Click Here for our Free Cheat Codes

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