Weight lifting versus Yoga

Weight lifting versus Yoga

I like weights. I love yoga.

Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you loved to weight lift? Have you ever experienced the high you can get from being in total awe of a yoga move you have done? Both of these forms of fitness require one thing, strength.

As I have experienced the world of fitness from being a very active child, through the actual “gym” since jr. high school, continuing through my life until at the age of 28 when I took it upon myself to get licensed to teach a fitness program (after not even having attended one of the classes) and now being “in” the industry I know one thing is for certain.

Fitness is finicky. Why? Because you and me are.  The reason I am ok with this concept is because for years I was that girl on the front row analyzing if the teacher was “on beat” and if he or she was able to really deliver a workout worth my time.  I believe it is all those years of analytical behavior of other instructors that has made me a great instructor myself.  Experience after all is the best teacher of all.

As I moved through the dance fitness world (no fitness certificates needed) I came to realize I craved more. I got ACE and AFAA certified. Meaning you must take a test. I continued on my journey and became a Fitness and Nutritional Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, TRX, Kettlebell, Barre, and Yoga trained. Did all these credentials help me? Yes.

I craved it.  I craved to become an expert. In any field we choose in life it is clear that unless we have a passion for what we are doing, it is just work.


I always have lifted weights, like a girl. You know what I mean right? I never had a real plan I would just kind of do a bunch of “things” with that machine or those dumbbells. Since high school I have been consistent with yoga. I love it because I love to stretch. Growing up dancing and being a gymnast I would sit in the middle splits, roll over my front body in a reverse summersault, throw back handsprings whenever I could, I was bendy!


As I journeyed from group fitness to more personal training I went through a good year of lifting weights, this time I knew what I was doing this time, and I craved this solitary workout at this point in my life. This is what I learned:

1-Weight lifting is key for developing strength

2-Weight lifting is for people who like solitary or partnered workouts

3-Weight lifting will take your muscle tone and make it happen

4-Weight lifting will hurt, so expect it to, and expect to push each and every time. Literally your ugly face must be rocked or you simply are not going to get the results you want.

5-Weight lifting is for serious people. I do not meet people that really know what they are doing who have an amazing body. The people who do this reap little rewards, physically. Those who follow a program online, like ours or have a CPT, like me, are doing a specific workout and plan and see major life changes. This is key.

After being consistent I saw differences in my body.  I felt stronger and I also felt more tight and constricted.

My need to lift weights also brought me back to the realization that I cannot live without yoga.

I had built up strength in my body and yet I did not feel great. Some days I knew I had pulled my neck, other days I felt like my muscles were all cramped and screaming at me to stretch them. Stretch them I did. The more you lift, the more important it is for you to stretch. Lifting weights actually decreases flexibility.

Think about body builders, especially men.  With massive muscles there is no way they can interlace their fingers behind their back. Their own body restricts themselves. I watched as CLR, my husband continued to put on mass to the point that I felt he was also restrictive and full of pain.

3 ways to not over lift

  1. Stretch
  2. Know your limits
  3. Be cognizant of your body and what it needs.

Weight lifting consistently brought me full circle back to my yoga practice, which I adore.

It is easy to move through workouts and plans as we follow our true desires of our path in fitness and health. Could I have continued to weight lift consistently? Yes, however, for me my natural progression was yoga. The strength I found through weight lifting was magnified as I tried yoga poses I had never been able to do before. Weight lifting improved my strength and if you have practiced yoga you know that you must have strength to get into many poses.

I love yoga. I love that it is a practice. I love how it feeds my soul and slows me down and beckons me to listen to my spirit. I love that it takes skill, focus, and drive. I love that it comes easy for me in some ways and super challenging in others. I love that no matter what, the pose always can improve. Yoga for me has been a guide, something I do just for me and no one else, so I guess it is only natural for me as a fitness expert to gravitate towards it again and again. As I have revisited Yoga this time it has been different. I now have the desire of improving not just myself but others on their journey as well.


5 reasons to practice yoga

  • Balance and flexibility are 2 aspects of true health that are lost if not used
  • Yoga quiets the mind, meditation is proven to release stress
  • Yoga is healing for the spirit, many of us live in a place of isolation, yoga helps you find yourself
  • Yoga is for all, every shape, size, ethnicity, everyone can see and feel the benefits of this practice
  • Yoga is fun. I do yoga, it has evolved over the years, as have I. My family does yoga, even acrovinyasa (yoga with 2 people) and it is a fun practice for us all, it brings us together, it challenges us all and it makes us all laugh.

It may seem funny, but to better our yoga practice, it helps to weight lift. If you lack strength in yoga or in life, implementing our transformation program for 6 months will vastly increase your strength. You will see gains in your ability to lift not only weights but your body as well.

I like weights. I love yoga.


By improving my strength through weight lifting, I majorly improved my yoga practice and hands down, took me to the next level.

Take the next step and take your body and life to the next level, you are worth it. And I know just the program to give you the tools to succeed, Metabod.


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