Think You Are Ready to Get In Shape? Take the Test

Fed up of being fat? Hit your limit? Many of us are ready to DO something about it but feel frustrated in how to move forward. No doubt we understand why it is a big deal to not just look good but get rid of fat. The CDC stats tell us that “more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese.” That means a fair amount of us are walking around with a significant amount of weight on our shoulders, both figuratively and literally.

We live in a day and age that anything and everything is accepted. Look at the media, we see obese people everywhere. It is common now days. We all have friends, neighbors, loved ones, even actors that we adore who are obese. We LOVE these people; after all they are just like us…with more to love. But wait; hold on a second. There is something more here to understand. Do we realize what is going on in our society and medicine today? Do we know that amount of health care costs and concerns that are being caused by obesity?

“Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death, estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars (CDC). Preventable key word here!

There is something to be said for tough love! As a personal trainer and Fitness and Nutrition Specialist I have learned that the direction and information we want to hear many times is much different than the information we need to hear. I do not get paid to give people what they want; I get paid to give people what they need. The change that so many of us desire is not easy, but it absolutely will be worth it.

Many of us want a Sexy Body but are not willing to do what it takes to GET it! Our ability to stick with the plan IS the determining factor for us all.

Warning: Fitness and our body is a journey and many times an emotional one. This article is for us that are READY FOR change, who want the tools to succeed and who have absolutely, positively had it with being fat, sick and tired! Think You Are Ready to Get In Shape?

Take the test: (Grab a note book)

1. I obsess about my body image daily in the mirror.

2. I am overly dramatic about weight.

3. I feel frustrated all the time with what to eat and confused about when, what and how to eat.

4. I lack motivation and a plan.

5. I have failed many times and feel like I should just give up.

6. I am emotional with many things in life.

7. I think if I could get myself straight many other aspects of my life would be ok.

8. I occasionally (if not multiple times a day) put off what I need and give to others.

9. I am overly sensative about what people say about “people” that are overweight.

10. I am sick of feeling this way and ready to do something about it.

If #10 is a YES, then keep reading.

Think You Are Ready to Get In Shape? YES! YOU ARE!

You are ready. You have looked at yourself in the mirror for the last time and you have had enough! You do not care if it takes 2 years to get that body you have always wanted, IT WILL BE YOURS! Success is your middle name, all you need is direction!

Hi! My name is Andrea Riggs and I will be your personal trainer. I am going to give you a few simple steps to change your body. You can pay thousands of dollars on fad diets, online programs, the gym and a CPT or you can cut out the excess and keep it simple. THIS will be simple and I have 100% confidence in you, why? Because, you are at the limit and I know what it feels like to practically hate yourself. I believe in change. I believe in courage and I believe that you are at that point, the breaking point.

Follow these steps for 30 days and I swear on my life you will feel and see a difference. Don’t whine, don’t complain, if you do after you read these cheap codes, then you are not who this article is written for. After you read these steps you will feel empowered, you will feel energized, and I have no doubt in 30 days you will contact me through my website and tell me, “ANDREA I did it! I Feel SO GOOD, what is next? Give me more!”

Here you are your cheat codes….ya, that’s what I said, cheat! YOU get to cheat! I have a whole book that goes into detail, but this is a special treat, just for you! We all want to cut to the chase and get to the details, so today is your lucky day! Here you go:

10 Cheat Codes to Getting Your Rockin HOT Bod”

  1. No pop, only drink water with lemon oil (see my site for the only acceptable kind of oil) or real lemons, No flavored water, no diet drinks.
  2. No white flour ( easy, just need my recipes, subscribe to my site for these)
  3. Exercise 4-5 days a week for at least 20 min (begin) 1 hour (advanced) (easy, just follow my free at home or in the gym workouts on my site)
  4. Drink water or herbal tea every chance you get, the point? DRINK MORE WATER!
  5. Eat 6 small meals, never skip a meal (eat every 3-4 hours hungry or not)
  6. Cut out white refined sugar, absolutely no MSG or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  7. Cheat meal and dessert! I like Sunday’s to be mine, make your fav meal and desert (no restrictions) and eat it! Or convert to a dessert that is at this standard. You may find you do not feel great after eating food that you have cut out, and seek higher quality desserts. Up to you!
  8. Every time you eat, combine a protein, carb and fat. Never eat carbs alone.
  9. Eat more protein, if you hate it, drink a whey protein isolate when you eat.
  10. Eat til satisfied, NOT stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. You should be able to go out and go for a light jog, walk or bike ride and feel good.

 WARNING: Don’t start something you cannot maintain, small sustainable changes are better than extreme dieting for 30-60 days then throwing in the towel. This WILL ONLY MAKE YOU MORE FAT if you do not stick to it! Why? It is simple, because anytime we drastically change our diet then GO BACK and binge on what we have deprived ourselves of, we lose. We end up worse off. Confusing our bodies messes with our metabolism (see our site for more information on this). There are no quick fixes, so get that out of your head. How long has it taken you to gain this weight? Ok then, it is going to take time to get it off. It is what it is, take responsibility and do something about it, right now.

Here is your tough love. Are Ready to Get In Shape? If you want to change, if you are ready to change your body, these cheat codes will get you there! Do it! Make the change and never look back. Do what you can do, what works for you and forget the rest. Do not get discouraged; do not get down on yourself. Stay positive and stay focused and surround yourself with a support system that will help YOU be successful.

Now lets face it, alone it can be challenging to be successful. For this reason, to help YOU, I have developed Metabod.  My transformation program is full of helpful tips, recipes and will give you the tools and understanding to be successful. You can Subscribe to get tips and lots of good stuff at: ! 

So many of us want a change,

I believe once we change our bodies, we really can then change our entire lives! Helping you believe in yourself is my goal, giving you the tools to be successful, is my success.

Andrea – Transformation Specialist




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