The Day My Raw Detox Came Back Up

The day my raw detox came back up

Friends, I am not too good for anything.  I love new information, I love learning and I love experimenting (within reason ok!).  For some reason I was beginning to feel…nasty every time I ate.  I did our MetaReset 2 months ago and I loved it, felt great and had 1 day of flu like symptoms and that was it.

When my bestie vegetarian friend sent me a 21 day RAW cleanse, I thought why not, I haven’t been feeling great anyway I decided to try it ( I thought 3-7 days would be good!).  She let me borrow her juicer, I already had my Vitamix, so I was good to go!  I hit the store and spent $150 on veggies, nuts and went to work.  The first day was great, a lot of food but no complaints….and then day 2.

After my lemon water in the morning and a quick juice me and the kids headed out the door to school and yoga.  Is there a chance I over did it?  Nah!  First I went to a killer heated barre class (loved it) then I decided to hit the last part of a heated yoga class.  I noticed by the end I was a little light headed, it wasn’t from the heat.

I got home and did my smoothie, still I was fine and then lunch time came around and it was time for my salad.  On a normal day I would have gobbled it up, I think.   My salad was spinach leaves, tomoates, avocado, cucumber and hemp and pine nuts on top drizzeled with balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil.  I ate is slowly while in the car running kids to and fro.

I got about half way done when every time I looked at it I wanted to chuck it out the window.  I could not take another bite.  Meanwhile it sat on the counter, starting at me and me staring back, it was not going to defeat me and yet I was at a HARD PASS, if you know what I mean!

My friends from up North showed up and it was all good…mostly.  We chatted and ended up over at the pool 45 min. later.  As we were catching up and soaking in the sun I felt it.  You know that feeling when you take supplements on an empty stomach and you know it is not going to turn out well?  That happened and I had to cut my friend off mid-sentence and went to hover over myself behind a palm tree.

Little did they know I was ejecting the salad that had now conquered me.

Once I returned ( I was only a few feet away) I assured them I did not squat and pee in front of them but that I got sick from too many veggies!  Or maybe it was my lemon oil that I threw down my hatch as I ran off to the pool…lethal combination?

The only thing I ate the rest of the day (and managed to keep down) was a banana.  I was in bed by 9:30 pm and asleep by 10:30pm (that is early for me). So what is the moral here?  What did I do the next day? I was at a loss…..

  1. Listen to my husband who beckons me to quit and that I am filling my body with pesticides and rubbish (despite that fact that I gave them a good vinegar bath!)
  2. Trudge on…but take out any and all hemp seeds and salads?
  3. Modify it

I feel the need to back up and talk about a detox.  Let’s categorize a detox, in my own terms!

To me a detox is to detoxify the body.

2 schools of thought here:

  • We need to detox our body
  • We do not need to detox our body

If you do not believe you need to detox your body and you are healthy, then I would agree with you…most likely you are already doing something “naturally” to detox your body daily (which is the best way) with lemon water (even here I have to mention that it needs to be spring water not bottled or tap or fridge water!)  BUT! I am going to let a few things go for the overall well-being of this article.  SO!  Those of you who do not believe you need to detox and have no health issues, own that path!

If you have been lured into the NEED for detoxing then let us explore this option:

A detox is meant to detoxify the body.  This means that we are under the impression that we live in a day and age in which is toxic, from food to pollution, from soaps (SLS) and lotions (fragrances that are filled with synthetics) to containers containing BPA (toxins from plastic).  Because of this and free-radicals we are of the school of thought that we need to do something to get the toxins out, a detox if you will.

How can we detox?

  1. Daily detox is my fav! Drink more spring water with lemon (or doTerra lemon oil to get them go here and eat better!  What is eating better, learn that thru our back office with the MetaRest.  After purchasing our detox (which is cheap) you get access to our back office with TONS of info and a whole training system which goes into the nitty gritty of sludge (barf!), what food does to our bodies, sugar spikes, depression, how it all correlates, you know all that good stuff and more.
  1. Many companies have a detox with a form of liquid, my opinion on this is most likely that it is filled with aloe Vera, which is a natural diuretic, so essentially we are dehydrating our bodies and muscles… is key to note here that when our body gains muscle we also hold onto more water…more on this in our training system. So this detox is more of a wash all liquid out your body.
  1. The MetaReset. I am not a huge advocate for supplements and pills.  Most are total crap and less than C grade, and here we are with millions of people believing that they NEED them!  Crafty marketers!  Those with the money and marketing do our thinking for us many times and many jump on the band wagons.  I actually have no problem with it, this is a capitalist society and we all have the right to choose and market how we want.  My issue is truth.  Charles and I are truth seekers, if only everyone was.  Our supplement is a gentle major organ cleanse.  Your major organs like your skin, liver, kidneys’, and pancreas…all those amazing parts that treat us so amazing.
  1. The Raw cleanse which this article was inspired by.  I have to say I did not feel great eating and drinking, but did feel good when I stopped eating all together.  I felt like I was depleted and had lost my appetite to eat anything…past the point of hungry I guess.  Raw cleanses are when the participant sticks to only raw fruits and veggies.  I for one believe that raw food can be super hard on our system.  My stomach has hurt many times, I am gassy (TMI IKNOW!) because many raw food are hard to break down (this is why I LOVE fermentation!).  I do believe that many people love and embrace this type of eating and cleansing, however my journey does not lead me down this path.
  1. Juice Cleanse. This is when you only juice.  The issue I am having is that with only juice I know my body is not getting protein, and protein is such an integral part of energy.  Although I do believe you can be vegan or vegetarian and get what you need (mostly anyway), I also realize that I do not have a problem eating meat.  I generally feel good and eat it in moderation.  So, juicing my friends is throwing out all the fiber and getting lots of sugars, and also many nutrients.  People have seen crazy changes in their bodies with juicing, why?  It is like anything with weightless (in my opinion) LOOK what they are cutting out.

The key my friends is to follow what you need.  Why did I do this crazy detox?  Because I felt the need!  Get in touch with your body.  How do you feel?  How does food make you feel?  Do you know when you are hungry and when you are full?  Do you feel good about your body?

As a woman, my husband thinks I have wanted to “change” my body for the past 10 years!  Although I am content and grateful for my body, or course I am a woman and there is always something I would love to “improve” (ladies you are with me right!?) My point is that if you do not like something about your body change it, if you can improve it, do it and that means you must go to work!  Stop complaining and begin doing.

Even though I my raw cleanse only lasted 3 days and for 36 hours of them I only at a banana, I felt good by the end! Sometimes our system needs a reset, a break.  And this is why learing about the MetaReset is so valuable.  I am glad I experienced this.  I am grateful for the opportunity to stretch my body and do something that challenges me and pushes me to my limit, test my beliefs and limits and excel on!

Here is to detoxing anyway that is right for you!


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