Need a nap? 5 signs you’re eating wrong


Feeling that mid-day yawn coming on?

If you work in an office, take a look around after before and after 12:00 PM.  You’ll notice many yawns, watery eyes,  and the coffee pot working overtime.  If you’re at home during the day, take a note about how you feel around noon.  Are you feeling sluggish, tired, muscle aches, tight upper back, sinus pressure?

Unfortunately, you and countless others are feeling the same effects of inflammation and cellular degeneration.

The 5 signs you’re eating wrong:

#1 Waking up tired

You probably assume you’re just not getting enough sleep.  And you’ve probably read the studies on sleep debt, and how we incur sleep debt each night we miss a set amount of hours.  While we agree that there is plenty of support regarding sleep debt, chances are, you are not sleeping well for a very specific reason.  Imagine sleeping so deeply every night that you wake up completely recharged.

#2 Mid-day yawns

Find yourself yawning around noon?  Eyes glaze over, mind goes blank.  A nice 30 minute nap sounds great, but it’s impractical.  Yawning is your body’s way of showing you it’s reached a point of stress, boredom, tiredness, and many other physiological factors.

A change in scenery, physical movement, and specific eating habits can equate to a steady surplus of energy throughout the day.  Specific to lunch time, that mid-day lull can be adequately attributed to missing key macro nutrients and food combinations for breakfast.  Additionally, If you are not feeding your metabolism at the right times during the day, a drop in blood sugar will result which means changes in hormones.  This all equates to a bad and tired feeling.  Not good.

#3 Achy joints

Knees hurt?  Lower back pain?  Neck pain?  Many of the tightness, stiffness, and random pains you are experiencing can be directly related to the foods you are consuming.  When you remove inflammatory foods from your diet, tissues stop swelling and will begin to heal.

#4 Clarity and focus

The power of your brain is related to the nutrients you provide it.  Having difficulty focusing or thinking through things?  When we filter the toxins and anti-nutrients from our food sources, we do our brain a huge favor.  Foods that contain anti-nutrients and other toxins have the ability to cloud our mind.

#5 Allergies

Sneezing, coughing, scratching, sinus problems…Most can be directed at the foods you are currently eating.  Foods that are inflammatory cause our bodies to react in strange and unpredictable ways.  What may be a headache to one, could be a bought of seasonal allergies for another.

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