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Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Metabod™ System created?

Metabod™ started over 15 years ago with the sole purpose of investigating why the body stores fat, burns fat, and builds muscle.  Through my own fat loss challenges, I was determined to find the answer.  So many women and men simply cannot lose fat and build muscle - and I knew there was a reason why.  My determination lead me to a very cutting edge approach to getting rid of belly fat and building sexy lean muscle.  But I wanted Metabod™ to be more than just "looking good", I wanted to feel "amazing" and I wanted others to do the same.  Truly, Metabod™ is unique due to our high quality and potent supplements such as the Meta Reset™ that allow your body to reset on a cellular level.

What type of results can I expect?

Obviously results will be determined by your willingness to do everything that I tell you.  Those who have followed the Metabod™ system to a "T", have experienced massive transformations, both physically and mentally.  Imagine what would happen to your body if you reset and completely detoxed every cell in your body, changed your nutritional intake to an advanced, cutting edge alternative, started absorbing nutrients and 100%, entirely changed the way you thought about fitness, and completely re-trained your mind and body?  These are just some of the benefits that current and past clients have experienced.  You see, I believe that when you feel amazing physically and mentally, starting a life changing program is so much easier - and results in the ability to truly change forever.

Does this work for both Men & Women?

Absolutely.  Although men and women are different in some aspects, we are very similar in others.  The basic science behind fat storage is the same.  I have had both men and women have massive success by following the exact same approach - if that isn't proof right there, I don't know what else is.

Does this only help the "tummy" area?

Although I designed Metabod™ to target belly fat, the answer is no, it does so much more.  Effectively, we all have fat everywhere.  Fat is a good thing.  However, excess fat, specifically around our mid-section is really unhealthy.  Because the Metabod™ system is designed to "reset" you at a cellular and genetic level, targeting belly fat (visceral fat) is an amazing side effect.  There's a very specific reason that the body stores fat around the midsection and that has mainly to do with unhealthy and or damaged cells and mainly within the digestive tract. When you "fix" these issues (including nutritional deficiencies), the body has no reason to store visceral fat, and other trouble areas - any excess fat on your body.

Over about a year, I lost 40 pounds and a lot of fat, but the fat slowly came back. Now, two years later I am up 20 pounds and feel as bad as I did before I started. Will this program do the same thing to me?

Unfortunately, this is such a common history that many of my clients have experienced.

The main problem here is that no change took place on a cellular level, nor did you truly "fix" anything.  Most of these "fixes" are only band-aids to cover a deeper issue.  They may change the appearance, but under the surface deficiencies still exist.  Metabod™ was designed to fix and fill the nutritional deficiencies we have all had.  When you do this correctly, you fix the issue at the root.

You state that I can make a change within 90 days, what happens after that?

In all reality, after 90 days you will be on such a good track that you will be influencing, supporting, and inspiring your friends and family that you will continue being, doing, and looking amazing.

After 90 days, you can continue to move forward and leverage our support...most of our clients do so!  You can continue maintaining access to the Metabod™ Members Portal and social network support.

The precursor to the Metabod™ system is our Meta Reset™ Complete Cellular Detox and Repair supplement.  This is a 30 day supply that will "reset" deformed and degenerated cells.  All around, you will just start feeling great.  This is key to starting the program - when you have 100% energy, any change is possible!

What if I need more one-on-one contact and coaching?

I have all the confidence in you and my system that you can do this on your own and have massive success!  However, I do understand that sometimes we need a one-on-one approach.  Because of this understanding, I have created a personal coaching and fat loss challenge that runs every 30 days.  If you want extra incentive, and motivation, then my 30 day fat loss challenge might be right for you.

Learn more here

What is The Meta Reset™, and how will it help me lose fat?

How does the Meta Reset™ Complete Cellular Detox work?

Your body contains Trillions of cells – a trillion is 1,000 billion…and they all work in harmony (at least they are supposed to).

  • Cleanses and dextoxes your entire body at a cellular level – all major filtering organs
  • Allows your body to remove overly-damaged cells
  • Repairs cellular walls
  • Restores cellular functionality
  • Repairs, cleanses, resets your digestive (gastroinestinal) tract
  • Removes toxins and “sludge” from the digestive (gastroinestinal) tract
  • Increase nutritional absorption from the GI tract by remove waste, toxins, and restoring cellular health
  • Restores physiological and mental energy, since cellular function is back to higher efficiency
  • Gentle enough to use on a daily basis
  • Does not involve fasting, starving, or any other fad or gimmicky cleansing approach


Why is Meta Reset™ the best detox out there?  Quality.  It is amazing quality, which you will understand once you have taken it for 30 days. Those other types of detoxes/cleanses that are hard to do, or make you sit on the bathroom for 30 days are not sustainable. Ours is.  It is completely plant based, 100% whole food.  Non GMO, Vega, and Gluten Free, no fillers, just total harmony.

The Meta Reset will initiate permanent fat loss by resetting your body at a cellular level.  Nothing else will do it, period.  Imagine all the garbage that your body is holding onto and imagine all of the toxins that your body has enveloped in fat cells.  Imagine how sick your cells are and sick cells just cannot do what they are built to do - that is, create energy, absorb nutrients, and rid your body of waste.