Andrea’s Grain Free Brownies

I grew up making brownies, who knows maybe the love of brownies was the reason I gained so much weight in high-school! I was even paid $5 every time I did so, and I made a lot of money in my youth! Talk about incentives right!?  Honestly these are the most amazing brownies ever, and you can thank Betty Crocker for her original recipe.  I am a grain-free geek and always stay away from wheat and flours of many kinds (sour dough is my one exception). So, when it came time for me to make brownies the other day I knew I needed to make the plunge and make my own “Andrea’s grain free brownies!”

For all of you out there that bake, you know the slightest change in a recipe can destroy the entire thing and it end up as a total disaster! And to be honest the ingredients I use are organic and not cheap so the last thing I want to do is throw them down the drain! This had to be good and I was depending on my instincts to show me the way! They did and I can honestly tell you that I like them even better than the ones I ate before with real flour!

I initially developed “Andrea’s grain free brownies” for our transformation program, however I quickly learned that the world needs these brownies and the reason why I take out the “normal” white flour.

3 reasons why I stay away from normal white flour (and grains)

1-Grains cause bloating and systemic inflammation (don’t knock it til you try it)

2-Most of us have some sort of gluten (Latin word for “glue”) intolerance, we just don’t know it because we are use to eating so many grains and are use to feeling sluggish

3-It has anti nutrients that actually pull nutrients away from our body, we are not eating the wheat our grandparents ate, we are eating a hybridization (GMO)

We all have our reasons for the way we eat!  If someone would have told me 3 years ago to be grain free, I don’t think I would have. It takes trust. To trust where we get the information is of massive value!

3 reasons to bake in your own kitchen vs buying the normal candy bars at the store

1. Know what you are eating and what your kids are ingesting by baking treats like “Andrea’s grain free brownies”

2. New preservatives (aka chemicals) are begin added to treats all the time – case in point – TBHQ a new preservative in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

3. Our food labels do not tell the truth, we really have no idea what we are ingesting or how it will affect us and those we love now, and in the future.

So let the baking begin!

Andrea’s (HOT N HAPPENIN) Grain-Free Brownies – 7 ingredients only and SO EASY!

-DO not do anything unless it is written, turn off your brain and ONLY do exactly what I tell you to do…you will thank me later!

Add all ingredients in the order listed, I use a BOSCH with the dough hook

4 cups organic CANE sugar (coconut sugar can be used but the finished product gets a 6 on my delicious scale instead of the 10 for Organic Cane Sugar )

2 whole cubs of Kerrygold Organic butter (2 cups softened)

3 tsp vanilla


3/4 cup chocolate cocoa

1 cup Potato Flour

2 cups Tapioca Flour

NOW you can MIX for as long as you like! 3-5 minutes is perfecto!

Spray a large pan (see my video for the size I use) with coconut oil spray or coat with butter.

Top with 60% cacao chocolate chips (or whatever topping you like, coconut, mint chips, nuts etc.)

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes

-Lots of little tricks of the trade in my video. I have made these thousands of times, believe me, I know and am here to help you make the most amazing brownies of your life! YOU WILL SUCCEED!

For those of you who want to watch me  make my amazing “Andrea’s grain free brownies!”  Now, it’s only fair to share, so be sure to share the love and let your friends see what your baking up! Well…that is unless you are having a baking contest, in that case keep this all to yourself!

The video is helpful if you have time!

I have made this super easy for all of you to be successful at! Anyone can rock these tasty treats and just like me, you will now be able to spread the gift of health, even with a sweet tooth (also just like me!)   Enjoy and don’t forget, baking is all about giving! So make this in a big pan, cut them up and send them out to those you love, teachers, neighbors, and those that are special to you!

What I am really saying here is don’t eat the whole pan by yourself because you will want to! 🙂

And if you eat a few too many that is ok, hit me up on my site and we will whip you back into shape in no time!

Happy Baking!


Transformation Specialist



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