3 Foods You’re Eating That Are Making You Fat

These 3 foods are contributing to your excess body fat, and they may surprise you:

1. Sweet Fruits

Although sweet fruits are typically loaded with nutrients, we were not meant to gobble them down in the highly-generous amounts we do today.  Sure, we’ve been told since we were very young that we should be getting high servings of fruits and vegetables.  This advice is coming directly from the same groups that promote high-sugar, low-fat diets, and this advice has perpetuated the obesity epidemic in America.  By the way, did you know that most fruits are not sweet.  See, a fruit is anything that comes from the flowering part of the plant.  Zucchini, squash, tomatoes – and many more are all considered “Fruits”.



Let’s take a banana as an example.  I see people taking these yellow things to work, or making a breakfast or snack of them.  They’re cheap, and always a main staple of the produce section.  That’s because they can be picked very very green, shipped up from South America, and still arrive in the store looking great.  What most don’t know is that a banana is loaded with sugar – an average banana contains 24 grams of carbohydrates (sugar).  You’re body doesn’t have a hard time breaking that down and the result is a fairly high glycemic index count.  In other words, a banana (on an empty stomach) is sure to result in a blood sugar spike and an insulin response, and ultimately, fat storage / gain – especially around the mid section.

Restrict sweet fruit intake to prior to or directly after highly physical activities and always combine your sweet fruit with a protein and fat at other times.

2. Diet / Sugar Free Drinks



But you only drink “sugar free/diet” energy drinks?  I want you to close your eyes, think of a very juicy ripe lemon, now imagine that the juice from that lemon drops down onto your tongue.  Now stop, and think about what is happening in your mouth right now…is it watering?  It is! Wait, your mouth watered by merely “thinking” about a lemon?  OK, now think about WHY your mouth watered when you thought about a lemon.  It’s because, your body knows that it will soon eat something very acidic and begins to prepare itself for that acidic food.  Saliva, is naturally a base and will counter-act the acidity in the lemon…hence the watery mouth.


Now, with that information, think about what your body does to prepare for something sweet.  It releases insulin to store those carbohydrates.  An artificial sweetener has a very similar effect on your body’s insulin response.  Remember, we never want to trigger and insulin response – unless you know exactly when and how (I’ve taught my Metabod clients how to leverage their insulin(eating treats) to lose fat).  This is why, diet drinks are not really any better.

3. Fat-Free Foods

The truth? Fat-free foods contain higher than normal sugar levels, they’re also void of the good stuff our bodies need: saturated and mono-unsaturated fats.  See, fats give foods flavor.  When they are chemically removed from foods, the food industry has to replace the lost “taste”…this is usually done by adding sugar, and other artificial flavorings including MSG.

The reality is that over the last 200 – 300 years, mankind has virtually taken a 180 degree turn away from the nutritional intake and balance used by our ancient ancestors.  Unfortunately, within the very near past, this change has approached a massive uptake in eating exactly opposite of how we should.  Lose weight by giving your body food that it genetically expects.

Start losing weight today by implementing their ancient diet (found in the Metabod™ system).

The truth:  Your ancestors were not fat.  They lived long, healthy lives, free of disease (and doctors).

It’s easy to think that they were so healthy because they were so active – yes, this is partly true, but doesn’t include the full story.  Activity was a part of survival, and walking, moving, lifting, and resting were all elements of an ancient lifestyle.  However, more than just being physical, our ancestors ate very different that us.  In fact, the way they ate is completely opposite of how most doctors and nutritionists will advise you to eat.  Unfortunately, too many of us buy into the advice of paid “professionals” only to find yourself gaining more fat, feeling more sick, and spending more money for “professional” advice.

  • Reason #1: They ate fat, and a ton of it.
  • Reason #2: They didn’t eat grains
  • Reason #3: They had no processed carbs


If you’re tired, sick, and nearly dead…then it’s time to change the way you are trying to lose weight, and look back a few hundred thousand years.

By continuing to eat the way you’re eating, or by following the advice of many doctors and nutritional professionals, you will continue to struggle with insidious weight gain, energy level fluctuations, glucose-insulin-cortisol burnout cycle, and other perils of a sugar burner metabolism that are inescapable.

High Carb / Low Fat – And how it’s making you fat…

The problem is that you’re just not giving your body what it expects genetically.  Learn how to feed your body in a way that it expects.  Remember that the body is the greatest survival machine on the planet.  You can literally feed it garbage and it will continue to survive – this doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Before you begin to eat differently, you need to “Reset” your body on a cellular level:

There’s a deeper rooted issue of why your body is holding onto fat, and it goes further than what you are currently doing:

  • You are sick on a cellular level
  • Your body will not let go of fat, due to cellular deformation
  • Your daily energy levels match your cells inability to create energy, because they are sick and weak
  • Your body is full of toxins
  • Your digestive tract is unhealthy, and you do not absorb 100% of your nutrients
  • You are overfed and undernurished

Here’s the secret: If you truly want to break the cycle you are in, you need to do exactly opposite of what you think you should be doing to lose weight.

Let me provide an example with running.  Every year (without fail), on January 1st, runners magically appear out of the nowhere.  There they are, running.  Funny thing is that most of them don’t really look like avid runners – no, in fact most look just plain miserable.   So why are they out running?  Because, inside it’s what they think they need to do in order to lose weight.  Isn’t that what everyone else does to lose weight?  You start running, right?  I mean, look at all of those skinny people out there running – they must have gotten skinny from running.

Have you ever considered that nothing is really what is seems?  Have you ever tried to stop listening, following, and thinking like everyone else?

Nothing is more freeing than removing all of the negative and false nonsense from your head – beliefs, emotions, and a deep desire to “be like someone else”.  The truth will literally set you free!

Before your body will consider changing, you need to shed your deformed cells, fix the weak and damaged ones, and start absorbing 100% of your nutrients.

This is just the plain and simple truth.  When you “reset” your body at a cellular level, you give it the opportunity to let go of everything that has been holding you back – a lifetime of processed foods, heavy sugar intake, toxins (from air, water, plastics).  What happens after you completely reset your body?  You feel amazing, you feel energy, and all of these directly effects your mental well being.  When you feel great physically, you feel great mentally and therefore, you can let go of negativity in all forms.  This is the key to fat loss success!

This is the only baseline or framework to launch a healthy, life changing program forever…

And by skipping this crucial step, everyone else fails over and over again.  Unfortunately, I spent many years going through the same cycle…

So, are you truly ready to make a change forever?  Are you ready for my Meta Reset™?


How does the Meta Reset™ Complete Cellular Detox work?

Your body contains Trillions of cells – a trillion is 1,000 billion…and they all work in harmony (at least they are supposed to).

  • Cleanses and dextoxes your entire body at a cellular level – all major filtering organs
  • Allows your body to remove overly-damaged cells
  • Initiates Fat Loss
  • Repairs cellular walls
  • Restores cellular functionality
  • Repairs, cleanses, resets your digestive (gastroinestinal) tract
  • Removes toxins and “sludge” from the digestive (gastroinestinal) tract
  • Increase nutritional absorption from the GI tract by remove waste, toxins, and restoring cellular health
  • Restores physiological and mental energy, since cellular function is back to higher efficiency
  • Gentle enough to use on a daily basis
  • Does not involve fasting, starving, or any other fad or gimmicky cleansing approach
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