For years I have believed that I could do hard things, so of course…that is what manifested for me! Hard things! YUCK!  I have let go of that belief.  My life is not perfect, but it is a reflection of me and my beliefs.  Life as we know it, our path as we see it IS the perfect reflection of our beliefs.  I know that with that awareness comes (sometimes pain) and realization and opportunity to now change what we do not like and make a shift.  I am all about that shift.  I am all about that new way.  I am now, and always have been about love, giving and inspiring each person to be their OWN inspiration.  Embrace the goodness that you already have.  Let go of the negative and make space for the real you waiting to shine.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.

Whether it was in a Zumba class, a Personal Training Session, a Friend’s Trip, a Child get–together, girls trip; In any way shape or form that our paths have crossed in St. George UT, Washington DC, South Carolina, TN, NC, CA, GA, FL, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Bountiful (my home town) ANYWHERE, thank you!

It with a deep sense of consciousness and awareness of gratitude that I am going to give you something very near and dear to my heart, for free, Metabod.

My intent with Metabod is to share with you life changing tools about fitness, nutrition, and health which will empower you to make your own choices for your own body, and on your own terms.  The lessons in the back office, the workouts, my own RAW HIIT workout will give you a base to begin so you can fly, the supplement should you choose to do it will assist you on your journey.  The time is now to take control of your health.  Metabod is a program that sticks with you because at the very essence of what we are about, you will find empowerment, inspiration and love.  These are qualities we cherish and choose to focus our program around.

  • Bikini Fitness Routine ☀ Get Your Abs Ready 4 Summer | Metabod
  • Fitness Routine ☀ Get Bikini Body Ready! | Metabod
  • 5 keys to total success in all areas of your life!
  • Take my RAW Challenge - and get in the best shape of your life!

Listen To My Story!

My journey from confused to enlightened

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Are you ready to transform your body?

“Metabod™ is the only Total Body Transformation that literally rebuilds your body from the ground up, targets your belly fat, and unlocks your body’s own key to start melting fat and building muscle…”

Free Fat Loss System

The Metabod™ system is completely free!  It will get your body back to 100% Energy, Melt Belly Fat, Cleanse Toxins from your cells, Build Lean Muscle, and give you that Sexy Strong Body you've always wanted.  My supplement does cost ($19.99 plus S/H) - you can buy it and try it if you want, or if not - no worries, everything else is free to download and access from any device.


A Complete Fat Loss Program Unlike Anything You've Tried

Metabod changed my life.  Andrea believed in me when I didn’t have the courage to believe in myself.  I loved that the program was adaptable to all ability levels. When I began I was completely sedentary.  I highly recommend this program and Andrea as a coach; the combination is sure to bring about transformation in anyone who is ready to make a lasting change.



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Customer Testimonials

"I highly recommend Metabod for people of all fitness levels – within 30 days you will see and feel results!"
-- Erika J.

"We are already seeing results! My hubby is down 9 pounds! I snapped my bra on the next hook in and I’m down 4 pounds."
-- Brandi

"Metabod changed my life.  Andrea believed in me when I didn’t have the courage to believe in myself."
-- Amber

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